Corrugated Recycles Symbol


The Corrugated Recycles symbol can be used worldwide to both promote the recycling of corrugated and advertise its ultimate recyclability. The symbol may be used without cost or any registration process. Use of the symbol on corrugated is strongly supported and encouraged as long as there are no national or local laws or regulations prohibiting its use and as long as it’s used according to the following guidelines:

What Does the Corrugated Recycles Symbol Mean?
The term Corrugated Recycles is both a statement of fact and a way to promote recycling. By printing the symbol on corrugated products, the corrugated customer and ultimate consumer are aware of corrugated’s inherent recyclability. Placing the symbol on a corrugated container does not indicate that “this container is made from recycled material.” Rather, it simply means that “this container can and should be recycled.”

When Do I Use the Corrugated Recycles Symbol?
We recommend placing the Corrugated Recycles symbol on all corrugated products that are readily recyclable, unless the customer specifies otherwise. “Readily recyclable” corrugated products are those that have not been coated or otherwise treated with substances (for example, wax) that are not repulpable or are of limited repulpability.

When Don’t I Use the Corrugated Recycles Symbol?
Do not place the Corrugated Recycles symbol on corrugated containers that are not readily recyclable.

Where Else Can I Use the Corrugated Recycles Symbol?
The Corrugated Recycles symbol may be placed on anything that may help promote the recyclability and recycling of corrugated – company or association stationery, websites, and so on.

Symbol Usage
The table below provides examples of the different versions of the Corrugated Recycles symbol.

You can download high resolutions of the corrugated recycles symbol on the website here.